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Sep 4, 2011

  • Duplicate doc detection
    When your agents send in their working docs (whether by web upload or by emailing them in to their maildrop), the system will reject any docs that they have already sent in. 

  • New permission to edit agents of a transaction
    There's a new permission you can grant to your users that need to be able to edit an existing transaction and change its agents.

  • Ability to change transaction location
    Previously you needed to email our support staff to change an existing transaction's location. Now, your account's admin can make this change for you through the "Edit Transaction" screen.

  • No print option in doc preview
    The print option in a doc's quick preview has been removed because it didn't work properly and would confuse users. You must now download the doc to your computer and print it from there.

  • Previously closed transactions are auto-included in new month's backup if changed
    If you update a previously closed transaction with new docs or notes, it will now be re-included in the next month's backup.

Aug 4, 2011

  • Add maildrops to your email address book
    Now you can download your maildrop addresses in vcard format. When you open the vcard on your PC, your email software will prompt you to add it to your address book. This allows you to easily keep track of your maildrop addresses without having to remember them.

  • Delete original docs after they are merged
    There's a new checkbox on the Merge Docs screen, that allows you to delete original docs after they have been merged successfully. If the merge fails for any reason, your original docs will not be deleted.

  • Improved checklist feedback
    When you check off an item on your transaction's checklists, you will now see a "saving..." message in the top center of your screen. When the message fades out, it indicates that the system has successfully saved that item's checked/unchecked state. Until one item has been saved, you are now prevented from checking off a second item. This change was done to ensure that you don't check off items faster than the system can save them.

July 31, 2011

  • Download current year's transaction report
    From the transactions tab, you were previously able to download a spreadsheet report of all your transactions to date. Now you can download an additional report that shows transactions added in just the current year.

  • Transaction email arrivals are signaled in notes
    When an email arrives at a transaction maildrop, you will see a note indicating the arrival of that email. When you click on the link within that note, you will be taken to the Emails tab. Then if you have permission to view that email, you can click its subject line to see the entire email. Note that when docs are attached to an email, they continue to be placed in the Working Docs tab from where they need to be assigned to that transaction.

  • Doc reviewer info made easier to access
    Now when you hover your cursor over the "i" icon next to a transaction's docs, you will see the reviewer's name and review date on the tooltip that pops up. This feature doesn't work fully on your old reviewed docs but will work for all newly reviewed docs.

  • Other enhancements
    We have updated the "help text" on a few screens (specifically, assign docs & merge docs) to make it easier for new users to understand those features.

July 23, 2011

  • Auto-email your agents at closing to ask for an agent referral to recruit
    Now brokers can send an automatic email to agents when an agent's transaction closes and the transaction has an outside agent. The automatic email to the agent asks how their experience with the outside agent was and whether that agent could be a good fit for your company.

    To enable this feature, login with your admin account and click Settings. Then click Recruiting Options, and check the box 
    "Turn agents into a referral source." There's a $49/month additional charge for this feature with the first month completely free.

  • Checklist preview now shows expiry date and list price
    When you hover over checklist labels on the Dashboard, the preview that pops up now features the expiry date of the transaction as well as its list price.

  • Agents can add outside persons to a transaction
    Agents can now add and delete outside persons (3rd party contacts) of their transactions.

  • Email alert when your monthly backup is ready to download
    Since some of our users were missing out on downloading their monthly backups on time, the system will now send out an email to remind them to download it.

  • Some statuses are now hidden on Dashboard
    Transactions with statuses Deal Fell Through, Referral and Cancelled are no longer shown on the various sections of the Dashboard.

  • Backup expiration tool tip on Dashboard
    Under the monthly backup download button for the Dashboard, we've added a note that shows users when that backup expires i.e. is no longer available to download.

June 5, 2011

  • Disable entered docs feature
    If you don't use the "Entered Docs" feature of Paperless Pipeline, now you can completely disable this feature. Login with your company master admin account, click Settings at the top right. Then click "More Settings". You can now uncheck the box "Enable entered docs feature". You can go back to that screen and re-enable this feature anytime.

May 29, 2011

  • Agent created transaction change
    When a non-staff user (i.e. agent) creates a new transaction, the system will now force them select themselves as either the Listing or the Selling agent of the transaction. They are free to select more agents. This is to address the problem that when agents forget to add themselves to the transaction, they can not later go in and add docs to that transaction. 

  • Disclaimer added to email footers
    Notes and document emails going out of the system now contain the following disclaimer in their footers:

    Note: Privileged/confidential information may be contained in this message and may be subject to legal privilege. Access to this e-mail by anyone other than the intended is unauthorised. If you are not the intended recipient (or responsible for delivery of the message to such person), you may not use, copy, distribute or deliver to anyone this message (or any part of its contents ) or take any action in reliance on it. In such case, you should destroy this message, and notify us immediately. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify us immediately by e-mail or telephone and delete the e-mail from any computer.

  • Infrastructure upgrades
    We have made some infrastructure upgrades to the system so that things continue to run smoothly and speedily for you. These changes occurred on May 22nd.

April 24, 2011

  • Customize doc statuses
    Company admins, you can now hide doc statuses that your company does not need. Go to Settings and click "Doc Statuses". Then uncheck the statuses you want to hide from your users.

  • Alert agents by email about their closing transactions
    Last week's release introduced a new feature that allows you to send daily email notifications to your agents about their expiring listings. Now with the same setting, the system will send an email alert to all agents whose pending transactions are about to close in 3 days from the current date. This email includes a direct link to the closing transaction as well as the checklist items that are still incomplete.

April 16, 2011
  • Customize transaction statuses
    Company admins, you can now hide transaction statuses that your company does not use. Go to Settings and click "Transaction Statuses" from the Global Settings section. Then uncheck the statuses your company does not use. You can hide all unwanted statuses this way. And if you need a new status, just send us a request through our UserVoice forum which can be reached by clicking the red Feedback button on the right of any screen.
  • Send email notifications to agents of expiring transactions
    Company admins, you can now enable a new daily email notification for when an agent's transaction is about to expire 3 days from the current date. A daily email will be sent out per expiring transaction per agent if you enable this setting. You can turn this feature on by going to "Settings", then clicking "More Settings" under the Global Settings section and checking the box next to "
    Send email alerts to agents on their expiring transactions". The email notifies the user with the name of the transaction, its impending expiry date and a direct link to the transaction. And it asks them to review the transaction for possible extension or cancellation.
April 3, 2011
  • Email docs as attachments
    Now whenever the total size of all docs you are emailing together is under 5 MB, the docs will be sent as standard email attachments. For docs over 5 MB, the email will continue to have download links that expire in 7 days.
  • Merged docs are smartly categorized
    When you merge docs, the merged version will now be sent to the same category as the first doc being merged. Previously, all merged docs were sent to Private Docs.
  • Customize subject line for welcome email message to new users
    When adding a new user, you were previously able to customize the message body. Now you can also customize the subject line of that email.
  • Increased PDF preview width by 20% and preview height by 5%
    The quick preview of your PDF docs is now 20% wider and 5% taller. 
  • Improved error message when merge doc fails
    When a document merge fails, you will now receive more detailed error messages.

March 28, 2011

  • New login page
    We have redesigned the login screen.

  • Emailed docs' links are now valid for 7 days
    Links to emailed docs no longer expire in 72 hours. Now they are valid for 7 days from the time that the docs were emailed.

March 20, 2011

  • Transaction status report on Dashboard
    The Dashboard now features a new report for transactions whose status has been changed in the last 7 days. This does not include transactions that were created in the last 7 days.

  • Last 5 transactions created
    The transactions tab and the add-transaction screens now show the last 5 transactions created on the right sidebar. The MLS IDs of those transactions are also shown.

  • Transaction email permissions updated
    Emails sent to a transaction are now only visible to the sender and the office staff (users with view-all-transactions permissions). Previously, all users of the transaction were able to see the email history. This change is retroactive; so past emails will also abide by this rule now.

  • Email history in monthly backups
    The monthly backups will now contain email histories of transactions

  • Automatically discard email signature graphics
    When you send documents to your maildrop, the system will automatically detect and discard signature graphic attachments in GIF, JPEG, or PNG formats. Previously, you had to manually delete these from your Working Docs tab.

March 5, 2011

  • Commission field added to transaction
    You can now add a commission dollar amount to closed transactions (or a potential dollar amount to Listings and Pendings). The new field is available in the Optional Fields section when you edit a transaction. You can use the second commission field (called "Commission Note") for arbitrary commission related info.

  • Commission report on Dashboard
    Once you start entering values for commission and potential commission (see the new field above), we will show commission amounts on your Dashboard. The amounts will be shown for the last two months as well as for the current year.

  • Status column on Unreviewed Docs tab
    The status of the document is now shown on the Unreviewed Docs tab.

  • Incomplete status highlighted in red
    To make a transaction's incomplete docs stand out, we now show the status "Incomplete" in red.

  • More info in checklist hover
    When you hover over the colored checklist boxes 
     (e.g.  Pending (3/10) ) on your Dashboard, you will now see additional information such as a list of incomplete docs and the last two notes of the transaction.

  • Emailed notes: see who else received the note
    The emailed copy of a note now shows the list of other users who received the same note.

  • Emailed notes: sender is CC'ed
    We now add the sender of the note to the email CC field. This way, if the recipient hits "reply-all", the note sender will get a copy of that response.

  • Buyer Agreement status added to Dashboard report
    On your Dashboard, the report for "Listings that expire in 14 days" now includes transactions in the "Buyer Agreement" status in addition to the ones in "Listing" status. The report has also been renamed to "Transactions and listings that expire in 14 days".

Feb 27, 2011

  • Add short description/note to any doc
    Staff users can now add a quick note to any working doc or a doc within a transaction. Just click on the line that says "click here to add a brief description to this doc", type in a description and hit enter. You can also do this from the Unreviewed Docs tab. 

  • Transaction email history now visible to agents
    The transaction email history feature is now officially out of "beta". Everyone who can see a transaction is able to see the email history for that transaction.

  • Branding update
    If you are using our branding features, there's now a new option to hide the links up top for training, FAQ, and what's new. Just go to "Settings > Company Branding" to use this new option.

Feb 19, 2011

  • Instant preview of incomplete checklist items
    When you hover the mouse over the colored checklist boxes (e.g.  Pending (3/10) on your Dashboard and on the Transactions tab, a preview of incomplete items from that checklist will instantly popup.

  • Transaction summary for last 3 months
    On their Dashboard, staff and admin users can now see a summary of their Listing, Pending, and Closed transaction counts for the last 3 months.

  • Enter List price, Sale price, and Commission info for your transactions
    New optional fields for list price, sale price, and commission are now available for your transactions. If you enter values for these fields, the downloaded transaction spreadsheet report will include them.

  • Add/Edit transaction screens reorganized
    The add and edit transaction screens now show the Listing and Selling agents section at the very end. So if you have a lot of listing and selling agents, you will be able to fill out the other fields of the transaction first.

Feb 7, 2011

  • Assign multiple docs to a transaction with fewer steps
    When you want to assign more than one working doc to the same transaction, click the checkbox next to each doc's name to select those docs. Then hit the "Assign Selected" button. Go through the assignment process for the first doc. As soon as you assign that doc, you will immediately be able to assign the next doc from your selection, followed by the next, and so on...

  • SSL encryption across all pages
    We made an internal change to ensure that every single page served by the application uses the latest SSL security and encryption technology.

Jan 23, 2011

  • View messages emailed to a transaction
    Messages that were emailed to a transaction's maildrop address can now be viewed in the new "Emails" section for a transaction. These emails are only shown to Staff users (i.e. users with "View all transactions" permission.) The emails are shown one per line, but clicking on a line expands it to show the full text of the emailed message. This feature is experimental; the text of some email messages with special characters may not be displayed correctly.

  • Branding v1.5: now available in technicolor
    Now you can select from a few background colors for the header area for your branded Paperless Pipeline. Color choices available: gray, white, red, green, blue.

  • Dashboard: view all transactions created in the current month
    The Dashboard has a new section that displays all transactions created in the current calendar month. Only transactions to which you have access are shown to you. 

  • Growing pains a.k.a. infrastructure upgrade
    We have finished a major upgrade to our servers last night. The older servers were being used to their limit and many of you had reported performance problems with screens. In the next week, we will be conducting performance tests on the new servers but if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please bring it to our attention at

Dec 22, 2010

  • Include any transaction in your next monthly backup
    You can now force any transaction to be included in your next monthly backup. This is useful for when a transaction was closed several months ago, and you've recently added new docs to it. Normally, a transaction like that isn't included in any further monthly backups. To use this new feature, just go to any transaction's page, click the Edit Transaction option, and check the box that says "
    Include this transaction in next month's backup", and hit Save Transaction.

    Note that transaction's that are closed (or in the status: canceled, expired, deal-fell-through, leased, payout) in a given month will continue to be included automatically in your monthly backups.

Dec 7, 2010
  • Branded version of Paperless Pipeline Settings > Company Branding
    You can now brand Paperless Pipeline with your company logo in the header. If you are the company admin, just head to and upload a logo image (JPEG or PNG) that's no larger than 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall and check the box to "Enable branding for my company". This is a premium feature which will cost $20 extra per month. We are releasing it free of charge for a trial period of a few weeks to collect your feedback. When we are ready to charge for this feature, we will send you an email to give you a heads up.

    Sep 13, 2010
    • Improved support for older PDF versions while merging and splitting docs
      We have made the doc split and merge functions support a few more types of older PDF versions that some old models of scanners and scanning software produce. Thanks, Sandy Adams & Alexa Coker for helping us test this.

    • New status for rejected transactions
      A new transaction status called "Rejected" is now available.

    • Previous/Next paging options on top
      The previous/next and page number (pagination) options are now available on the top for easier browsing on these screens: Transactions, Admin > Users, Unreviewed Docs.

    • Agents can delete their own Working Docs
      Agents can now delete the Working Docs that they have uploaded. They can not delete any docs assigned to a transaction unless they have explicitly been granted the "Delete Docs" permission.

      Sep 4, 2010
      • Merge multiple docs into one
        At the bottom of the transaction page, there's a new "Merge Docs" option (available to staff users) that lets you take up to 5 docs from that transaction and merge them into one doc. The merged doc is placed in the Private Docs section from where you can move it to its rightful category. The old parts are not deleted automatically in case you want to reuse them separately. "Assign Docs" and "View all Docs" permissions (i.e. staff user permissions) are needed to use this new feature.

      • Email a doc to multiple email addresses
        Now when you email a doc to an agent or a third party, you can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma. 

      • Cleaner document lists and full original uploaded file names
        The Working Docs and transaction Docs lists no longer show the file size. Instead, there's a gray icon  i . On hover, it shows the file size as well as the full original name of the file. This is useful when the original filename is very long, and contains useful information such as the property name, agent name, etc.

      • Auto-expanded checklist when first added to transaction
        When you add a new checklist to a transaction, the new checklist will be displayed fully expanded. Previously, you needed to un-hide it with an extra mouse click.

      • Split docs into more parts
        Now you can split a doc into as many as 25 parts at once. Previously, you were able to split it into 15 parts.

      • Softened verbiage on doc-email
        When a doc is emailed, the text of the email previously used the term "destroyed". This was misunderstood by some recipients to be the destruction of the entire doc from the system, and not just an expiration of the doc's download link. We have replaced "destroyed" with "deactivated" to avoid further confusion.

      • Clearer permission description for Private Docs category
        Now when you assign a doc to a transaction, the description of the Private Docs category will show the name of the user that will have access to that doc. Previously, it used the term "you" instead of the actual name of the user.

      • Stricter permissions needed to Create New Offer
        The "Create New Offer" feature is now restricted to staff type users (and admins). Users with both "assign doc" and "view all transactions" permissions are considered to be staff type users. Previously, any agent who had just the "assign doc" permission was able to create a new offer.

        Aug 12, 2010

        • Email incomplete & complete checklists with notes
          When email notes, you can now include checklist items in the email. You've full control over which types of checklist items you want to include i.e. just incomplete ones, just complete ones, or both.

        • Buyer Docs category for private docs of selling agents
          Use the new Buyer Docs category for docs that only selling agents and office staff can see (but not the listing agents.)

        • See transaction creator and creation date
          In the top summary section of a transaction you can see who created that transaction and when.

        • Previous/Next options on top in Working Docs 
          If you have pages and pages of Working Docs and want a way to go to the next page without scrolling down to find the "Previous/Next" or page number options, we have now added those options to the top of the page.

        • Improved transaction excel sheet
          When you download your transaction list (from the right panel of the Transactions tab), the downloaded spreadsheet now contains the status of the transaction, it's expiry date, and it's close date.

        July 18, 2010

        • Email subject lines in Working Docs
          When you email your docs to your maildrop address, the subject of your emails will now be displayed underneath the Working Doc and on doc assignment screens. We recommend you put the property's name in your subject lines to benefit from this new feature.

        • Sort transactions by Close Date
          In the Transactions tab, Last Update Date has been replaced with Close Date of the transaction. And you can now sort by this Close Date. Transactions without a Close Date are not shown when you sort by this new column.

        • Search transactions by content of their notes
          Now the global transaction search will match a transaction notes. So you can put your internal transaction IDs and other internal fields in notes. For example, "TX ID: 1234". Then, just type "TX ID: 1234" in the search field to find that transaction.

        • See recipient of an emailed note
          When you email a note to your staff and agents, the note will now show the names of the people who received that email.

        • Checklist permission better explained
          The "manage checklists" permission has now been renamed to make it clearer what activities it allows the granted user to perform.

        June 7, 2010

        • Unassign/reassign a document
          If you have assigned a document to the wrong transaction by mistake, now you can unassign the document or re-assign it to the right transaction. Just go to edit the doc (where you normally go to change the status of the doc). At the bottom of this screen, you will see an "Unassign this doc" option in red. Unassigning the doc, sends it back to the Working Docs tab from where you can reassign it. We will also show you a direct link to reassign it rightaway. Since unassigning is similar to deleting the doc from a transaction, you will need the "delete docs" permission to be able to use this feature.

        • See transactions' projected closing date on Dashboard
          On the Dashboard, you can now see the transaction's projected closing date in the section called "Transactions with incomplete checklists".

        May 26, 2010

        • Transaction history
          The transaction page now shows a new option called "view history". Clicking it will show you a page with the entire log of actions taken on that transaction and its documents. This is similar to what you see in the Dashboard's transaction activity section but instead of showing just the last 7 days' activity, this will show you the complete history. As always, this activity stream will continue to be included in your monthly backups.

        • Document review history now part of transaction history
          Many of you were unhappy to see a long list of notes showing the review history of a transaction's docs. So we've now moved that to the new Transaction History section mentioned above.

        • Unreviewed docs sort order changed
          In the unreviewed docs tab, the documents are now sorted by the office location name followed by the assignment date of the doc.

        • Maildrop acknowledgement email tweaked
          The email you receive when a doc is emailed to your maildrop address will now contain a section explaining why you received that email. This is in response to some users who were confused by the email acknowledgement. As always, you can completely turn off these emails if you don't want to receive them.

        • Checklist color codes explained
          The red, yellow, and green colors of checklists are now explained in the Dashboard as well as on the right hand sidebar of the transaction list page.

        May 20, 2010

        • Almost complete checklists
          Previously, incomplete checklists were shown in red. Now when less than a third of a checklist's items remain unchecked, that checklist is shown in yellow.

        • Unreviewed / unentered doc count
          The unreviewed tab now shows the count of both docs waiting to be reviewed as well as those waiting to be entered.

        May 13, 2010

        • Collapse document categories
          Now you can hide document categories under a transaction.

        • Document sort order by name
          Docs under a transaction are now sorted alphabetically by their names within each category.

        • New notes alert
          Whenever a transaction has notes added in the last 48 hours, the notes area will be highlighted. The number of new notes is also displayed.

        • Document reviewing history added to notes
          Whenever a doc is reviewed, a new note will indicate who reviewed it.

        • Lots of little user-friendly goodness
          See if you can spot 'em.

        Apr 8, 2010

        • Dashboard: See transactions past their closing date
          There's a new section on the dashboard called 'Transactions past their closing date'. All transactions still in Pending, Working, or Listing status after their Close Date are shown here.

        • Uncluttered notes section
          Now when you go to an individual transaction, only the latest 3 notes are shown by default. There's a link there that allows you to reveal the remaining notes. We think this is helpful for when your transaction has so many notes that you have to scroll several screenfuls down to get to your documents.

        • Closed transactions no longer shown on transactions tab
          By default, the transaction tab now hides your closed transactions. There is a quick link up top that allows you to include them.

        Apr 6, 2010

        • Street name sort featured removed
          The street name sort featured from the last release has been removed due to the confusion that it was causing to a lot of our users. The transaction sort up and down arrows now sort by the name of the transaction as they used to do previously. If you'd like your transactions to sort by street names, you will need to enter transaction names starting with the street name.

        • Search for transactions from anywhere
          We've added a "search transactions" box to the top of the right-hand side panel on every screen so you can launch a transaction search from anywhere on PaperlessPipeline.

        • Clearer description of document category permissions
          When you assign or upload a document to a transaction, you will now see all available categories and their permission description at once. Previously, you would have had to select a particular category to see its permission description.

        • Transaction activity section of Dashboard is now optional
          The default Dashboard view no longer shows the section called "Transaction activity on the last 7 days". That section was causing the Dashboard to load slowly for many of you. Now there's a link at the bottom of the Dashboard allowing you to display that section when you need it.

        • More usable location selector in Unreviewed Docs tab
          Now you will need to click the location name to select a particular location in the Unreviewed tab. Previously, just bringing your mouse over the location name would popup a list of your office locations which caused that list to popup accidentally.

        • Incomplete docs appear first in transaction page
          Incomplete docs will now appear before complete ones in the all categories under a transaction.
        • Improved email notes to staffor 
          In our previous release, users were able to email notes to any staff user across a company regardless of their office. Now, users can only email notes to staff for that transaction's office location. Any user who has the "view all transactions" permission in an office location is considered a staff user for that location.

        Mar 28, 2010

        • Save and reuse document splits
          When you split a doc in a transaction, you can now save the page number ranges into a named template. Next time you split a doc, we will let you choose a saved template. If you keep splitting docs using the same page ranges, you will no longer need to keep typing in the page numbers over and over.

        • Sort transactions by street names not street numbers
          When you alphabetically sort transactions, we will order them by the name of the street rather than the street number. So if your transactions are named like "123 ABC Street", they will be sorted by "ABC Street".

        • Better emailed notes 
          Your emailed notes now prominently display the sender's name and email address. And if the recipient has doc upload access to the transaction, they can just hit reply and attach their doc to it. We have also made some internal adjustments to get emails through older ISPs that sometimes marked these emails as spam.

        • Email notes to staff
          Now your agents can select the names of individual staff members to whom they want to email a note.

        • Expand/collapse agent names by location when creating a transaction
          If your company has a lot of agents in a lot of different locations, you can quickly collapse the agent names of locations that are of no interest to you when creating or updating a transaction. Just hit the "hide/show" link to "collapse/expand" the names.

        • View recently closed transactions on Dashboard
          The Dashboard now features a new section called "Transactions with closing date in past 7 days". All transactions closed (or supposed to close) in the last 7 days will be shown here.

        • Yellow indicator for newly added notes, docs, splits
          When you create a new note or add a doc to a transaction or split a doc in a transaction, the newly added item(s) will have a yellow background so you can pick them out easily. The background will gradually fade back to white. We call this the Yellow Fade Technique (YFT). Look for it in more places in the next releases of Paperless Pipeline.

        • Dashboard reflects renamed docs properly
          Whenever you rename a doc in a transaction, the Dashboard will now correctly reflect the new name across all previous activity that occurred on that doc. Previously, the Dashboard showed the older activity with the old name of the doc.

        Feb 15, 2010

        • Manage contact info for outside people involved in transactions
          On the right hand panel of every transaction, there's now a new section called "Outside People Involved". You can use it to manage a list of your outside contacts for each transaction. Anyone who can view the transaction can add or delete people in that transaction. This contact list is also included in your monthly backup files. Each contact can have: name, role in the transaction, phone, fax, and email. The name and role are required fields. The contact list is sorted by names. So if you prefer to sort them by last names, enter the last name first. For example, "Maxwell, Dane" instead of "Dane Maxwell".

        • Email multiple docs at once
          The email-a-document screen now lets you select additional docs you can add to that same email so you don't have to send them out one by one.

        • See which docs were emailed to outside parties
          Now when you email docs to outside parties, a note will be automatically added to the transaction. The note will tell people what was emailed out and to whom.

        • Click links in transaction notes
          If your transaction notes contain links (i.e. URLs) to external websites, those links are automatically turned into clickable links.

        • See transaction status change history in notes
          When a transaction's status is changed, a note indicating the change is added to the transaction.

        • Open transactions and docs in two separate windows in the Unreviewed tab
          When you click a doc and a transaction in the Unreviewed tab, they will open in two separate windows to make it easier for you to work with them without one overwriting the other.

        • Easily resume a suspended account
          If we are unable to charge your credit card after 3 attempts, your account is automatically suspended. When you log in to a suspended account, you will now see a prominent link to update your credit card info. Entering a valid credit card will immediately reactivate your account. 

        Jan 31, 2010

        • Split docs directly under a transaction
          Now you can split your PDF documents directly from under transactions. Previously, this feature was available only in the Working Docs area.

        • Say hello to our shiny new servers :)
          We have upgraded the hardware on our servers in response to Paperless Pipeline's growing popularity. We hope you will notice the speed improvements.

        • Quick access to FAQ
          Have a support question? There's a good chance that we've already answered it before. When you're working in Paperless Pipeline, you can click the new "FAQ" link at the top right corner to see our frequently asked & answered questions.

        Jan 24, 2010

        • Private docs category
          Transactions now feature a Private Docs category. Documents uploaded to this category are visible only to the user who uploaded the doc and to your company staff i.e. users that have "view all transactions" permission for the transaction's location. The previous Miscellaneous Docs category has been renamed to Public Docs.

        • Search by expiration dates
          The advanced search box for transactions now features a new date range filter to search by a transaction's expiry dates.

        • Search by buyer or seller name
          Your search keywords are now also matched to a transaction's buyer and seller name fields.

        • More comprehensive monthly backups
          Starting with January's backup files, monthly backups will now include all transactions created in the given month. Previous backups consisted transactions that closed or expired in the given month.

        • Training videos
          There's now a link to training videos in the top right corner of the application. These videos are ideal for new users.

        • Auditable notes
          The ability to delete a transaction's notes has been taken away because a lot of you wanted the notes to represent an audit trail of a transaction's activity.

        • Agents can create new offers
          Now your agents with "create transaction" permissions are able to create new offers from their transactions. Previously, only admins and staff users were able to use this feature.

        • Maildrop supports forwarded emails
          The maildrop email receiver now understands emails that have been forwarded or CC'd to your maildrop address (BCC is not supported). Now when you scan and email a document, you are able to first send it to your gmail or yahoo mail account where you can add forwarding rules to send the same document to multiple destinations.

        • Add a message to docs emailed to outside parties
          When you email a doc to an outside agency, you can now add an optional message to be included in that email.

        • Doc previews temporarily throttled
          We have temporarily reduced the frequency at which document previews are generated in order to maintain fast response times on our current servers. Previews are now being generated only at night. We plan to upgrade our server capacity in the coming week. The document preview feature will run at its normal frequency after this upgrade.

        Dec 13, 2009:

        • Break apart docs into separate docs
          Now you can easily split your working docs into multiple parts. Just click the scissors icon (circled below in red) next to the doc. Then on the following page, enter the page number ranges where you want to split the doc and give a name to each part.

          A preview of your original doc is shown on the right so you can quickly lookup page numbers of interest. Your original doc remains in the system so you can split it more than once or delete it if you don't need it anymore.

        • Agents can see checklist stats and colors
          Now your agents can see how many items from their transactions' checklists have been checked. Completed checklists show in green, incomplete ones in red.

        • Monthly backups have agent names
          Your company's monthly backup files now have agent last names suffixed to transaction folder names.

        Nov 29, 2009:

        • See expiring transactions on your Dashboard
          The Dashboard now displays the list of your transactions expiring in the next 14 days:
        • Filter unreviewed docs by location
          Now you can filter unreviewed and unentered docs by any office location. Just click "Any Location" to see a list of all your locations. Then, click one of those locations to filter the list:
        • Name and order your office docs
          When uploading a document to the Office Docs area, you can now give it a user-friendly name instead of a cryptic file name. You can also set the order of your documents by numbering them. You can also change the name and order of the docs using the edit link:

        Nov 15, 2009:

        • Sort transactions by name
          Now you can sort transactions by ascending or descending order of name in the transactions tab. This works for searches too.
        • Delete notes
          Staff users and note authors can delete transaction notes:
        • Separate unreviewed and unentered docs
          In the unreviewed docs tab, the unreviewed and unentered docs have been separated out into two sections.

        • Enhanced monthly backups
          Starting next month, your monthly backups will now include notes and activity logs for each transaction.

        Nov 8, 2009:

        • Rotate PDF docs
          Now you can rotate your PDF docs right on Paperless Pipeline. Use the rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise icons available in the Working Docs area as well as in each transaction's document section:
        • Download a list of transaction addresses and MLS IDs
          Need a quick list of all your transactions in the system? Now you can download a spreadsheet of all your transactions' addresses and MLS IDs. The option is available on the sidebar of the Transactions tab:

        Recently added features...

        • Copy a transaction when it has multiple offers
          When a transaction gets a new offer, you can make a copy of the entire transaction with one click. This option shows at the bottom of a transaction and looks like this:

        • See listing and selling agent names right on the transaction list screen
          The transaction listing and the search results pages now show the listing and selling agent names for each transaction:

        • See assignment date on unreviewed documents screen
          The unreviewed documents screen now shows the date on which the document was assigned to its transaction:

        • Rename and recategorize assigned documents
          Now you can change the name and the category of a transaction's assigned documents:
        • Payment system
          Company admins can now select a payment plan and enter billing information for their Paperless Pipeline account. Just follow the upgrade/downgrade link on the Dashboard's right hand sidebar pictured below. The right hand sidebar also shows your current monthly plan and the transactions your company has created for the current calendar month.

        • Maildrop documents to any office location
          You can now email in your documents to any of your office locations. In your maildrop email address list you will see a new email address for "Any Office" but only if you have permissions to upload a document to each of your office locations. When your document arrives in the Working Documents area, it will show up under "Any Office" there, ready to be assigned to a transaction.
        • Easier checklist item deletion
          We have made it easier for you to delete a checklist item with one-click. Don't worry if you accidentally delete an item, we will let you undo it rightaway.
        • Administrators: allow staff to download your company's monthly backups
          Admins can now grant a special permission to staff users allowing the staff to download their company's monthly backups. Previously, only administrators themselves could download these backups.
        • Email documents to anyone
          You can now send transaction documents to any email address (buyers, sellers, title companies, attorneys, etc.). Click the email icon next to a document, type in the user's email address, choose if you want a CC of the email, and hit send.

          PaperlessPipeline will send out a private & secure download link to the user's email address. This download link will remain active for 72 hours after which it will self-destruct to protect the privacy and security of your documents. If you want to see how the email message looks like, just send one to yourself.
        • Email documents directly into a transaction
          Using a unique email address, you can now send a document directly into a transaction.
          Fun tip: You can make your scanner scan the document straight to this email address.

          Here's how it works:
          1. Find the unique email address on the transaction page you want to use
          2. Compose an email message to the unique email address (shown on the transaction page)
          3. Attach the document to the email message
          4. Hit send!

          After you hit send, your document will be waiting in the Working Docs area or the transaction page to be named and filed.

        • Shortcut for repeatedly assigning documents to the same transaction
          When you finish assigning one document to a transaction, you will now see a link that allows you to assign another document to the same transaction. That link takes you back to the Working Documents area. When you click "assign" you will not have to search for a transaction. Instead, you will be taken straight to the final step of assignment.

        • Preview your documents without downloading them
          Mouse over any document link to bring up its preview without having to download the entire file back to your computer. This preview works anywhere you see the document link (Dashboard, Working Docs, Unreviewed Docs, Transaction Docs, ...) When you upload or email a new document, it takes a minute or two for its preview to be ready for display.
        • Admins: download monthly backup of previous month's closed transactions
          Admin users will see a new button on their Dashboard's right hand panel. Click this button to download a zipped backup of all documents belonging to your transactions that closed in the prior month. This button goes green at the beginning of every month to remind you to download the next backup.

        • Turn off email confirmations of mail-dropped documents
          When you email a document to your Paperless Pipeline, you receive an confirmation. Now you can turn off these email confirmations. Click "Settings" on the top right of the screen and select "Change Maildrop Settings".

        • Miscellaneous Documents category
          There's a new Miscellaneous Documents category under transactions. A document assigned to this category is visible to any user that can view that transaction.
        • Agents can email notes to other listing and selling agents
          A transaction's agents can now send notes via email to other listing and selling agents. Previously, this note emailing functionality was available only to staff type users.
        • Add or delete checklist items more easily
          Now you can add new items to a transaction's checklist with one click. Each checklist has an "add item" option which immediately adds a new item to that checklist. You can then rename that new item to any text you like. You can also delete a checklist's items using the new delete button that you will see when you edit an item. The delete option is available only on unchecked items.
        • Change a document's status more easily
          Click on a document's status text to turn it instantly into a drop down list that allows you to change that document's status without leaving the screen. Your status changes are instantly saved. We think this will allow you to change your document statuses much faster.
        • More transaction statuses
          Now you can mark a transaction's status as Escrow, Rental, or Property Management
        • Add buyer and seller names to a transaction
          When creating or editing a transaction you can now add the buyer's and seller's names to it. Since not everybody wants to see a cluttered transaction entry form, we've moved these and some other fields to an "Optional Information" section which is normal hidden but can be revealed with a click.
        • More flexible permissions to assign documents
          Now you can give your users permissions to assign documents just to their own created transactions. Here's how it works: if user Jane has "assign documents" permission but not "view all transactions" permission,  she can assign working documents only to the transactions she herself created (assuming she also has create transactions permission, of course). On the other hand, if Jane has both "assign documents" and "view all transactions" permissions, she can assign working documents to all transactions.

          If you want your agents to be able to create transactions, upload working documents and assign those documents but only to their own transactions, give them "create transactions", "upload documents", and "assign documents" permissions but not the "view all transactions" permission. With this, they can work with their own working documents and transactions but they can't see anyone else's documents and transactions.

          If you have staff users that perform all your document and transaction management, be sure to give them the "view all transactions" permission in addition to the other permissions mentioned above. The "view all transactions" permission ensures that they can assign documents uploaded by other users to the right transactions.
        • Assign documents to any location's transactions
          Now you can assign one location's working documents to any other location's transactions provided you have "assign document" permission in multiple locations.

        • See your active transactions when assigning a document
          During step #1 of assignment, you will see the last 10 transactions you worked on (i.e. added a note to, checked a checklist item on, assigned a document to, changed status of). If you frequently assign documents to a small number of active transactions, this will save you the extra step of having to search for those transactions.
        • Dashboard
          Get a quick overview of activity on your transactions and documents, see documents waiting to be assigned, transactions closing soon, and much more... Learn more
        • Office Documents
          Download blank contract forms, presentations, miscellaneous office forms and any other documents that your users need to frequently access. Learn more

        • Allow agents to create transactions and upload working documents
          The "create transactions" and "upload documents" permissions are now more suitable for agent use: people with these permissions can view only their own created transactions and their own uploaded working documents. Learn more

        • Checklists
          Add checklists to your transactions to keep track of incomplete items. Learn more