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Past Updates

Apr 1, 2018:

  • View more information about an agent by hovering over their name on a transaction: Admins can view an agent's start date, license number, and more info by hovering over an agent's name on a transaction. Agents are not allowed to see each other's information by this method.

  • External recipients of email messages can see and reply to all recipients: When external contacts who receive an email message sent from Paperless Pipeline REPLY ALL to the message, all recipients on the message will now receive the reply. Previously, external recipients were not shown internal recipients of a message and thus could not include them when replying.

  • Plus dozens of fixes and improvements.
  • Visit the blog for more details →

Oct 8, 2017:

  • Format notes and send structured emails from transactions: Format transaction notes and messages with bolded text, italics, bulleted lists, etc. Pipeline now supports the popular and easy-to-learn Markdown formatting method to give you better control over the appearance of your transaction notes.

  • Private Notes! Keep transaction notes visible only to sender and recipients. When adding a transaction note, you can now mark it as private with a single click. A private note is only shown to its author (i.e. sender) and recipients in the Notes & Sent Emails section of the transaction. Previously, all notes were shown to all users who had access to the transaction.

  • Copy and paste multiple tasks in one shot when setting up checklist templates: Paste in a list of tasks with one click to save time and minimize errors when setting up checklist templates.

  • Hide checklist completion percentages from agents to simplify agents' view of transactions: Uncheck the company-wide setting "Show checklist completion percentages to agents" to prevent your agents from seeing checklist completion percentages across their transactions. This can eliminate agents' confusion if the percentages reflect tasks that agents are not able to view.

  • Plus scores of small improvements.

Jun 29, 2017:

  • Recover deleted docs: Master admins and document deleters can recover docs deleted from transactions as well as unassigned docs. Click the "Deleted Docs" option from the left-hand menu of the transaction or the Unassigned Docs section to locate and download the deleted doc. Then re-upload it to the system if needed. Learn how this works here >>

  • Keep your computer logged in for 7 days: When logging in to Pipeline, you can now select the option called "Stay logged in for 7 days". For security, be sure to only use this option from your own computer and own secure network. Learn more here >>

  • Buyer and Seller email addresses included in transaction downloads: Need to send an email to buyers or sellers? Download transaction spreadsheets to access email addresses of buyers and sellers. Learn how to download spreadsheets here >>

  • Open next/previous document previews with new keyboard shortcuts: Now you can use Shift + ↑ and Shift + ↓ (Shift plus up or down arrow on your keyboard) to quickly open the preview of the previous or next docs when in any document list. 

  • New high-contrast color theme: Pipeline's new high-contrast color theme offers distinctive lines and colors, helpful for color-blind and visually impaired people. Learn how to apply the new color theme to your account here >>

  • View new offer status right from its original transaction: Hover over a transaction's new offer to instantly see that offer's current status and creation date.

  • And scores of small improvements.

April 2, 2017:

  • Quickly search a transaction's documents: There's a new search option above the documents area of every transaction. Use it to instantly locate a document.

  • And many more small improvements.
Jan 24, 2017:

  • Admins, you can now share your saved message templates with agents. Previously you could only share with other admins.

  • Easily scan transaction notes: Transaction notes are now shown collapsed. This will make it easier for you to scan them quickly. A green triangle at the right of a collapsed note will let you expand that note.

  • Search transaction notes: On the top right corner of the Notes area, there's now a "search notes" box allowing you to quickly locate notes that match a search phrase.

  • Easily set up standard doc names from tasks and tasks from standard doc names: Now when creating checklist tasks, the system will auto-suggest matching document names. Similarly, when creating standardized document names, you will see matching task names being automatically suggested.

  • Know if your attached files will be emailed as links or as attachments: Whenever you attach more than 5 megabytes worth of docs to your emails, the system always sends those as downloadable links rather than direct attachments. Now the system will warn you whenever your selected docs will be sent as links.

  • And several general improvements.

Dec 12, 2016:

  • More Info field for Admin Use on Transactions: Use the new "Admin More Info" field to store transaction-related information that is for admin-only use (info that must not be shown to agents.) And you can use the "admin-info:" search operator to look for transactions that have a specific value in their Admin Info field.

  • Store miscellaneous information about your agents and staff: Use the new More Info field on the Add/Edit User page to store optional information about your agents and staff with their Pipeline record.

  • Delete auto-suggested email addresses: When sending a note to an external email address, you can now delete previously used address that are being auto-suggested.

  • Fit doc previews to screen: When you preview documents, there's now a new option to "smart-zoom" so that the document fits your screen's size better.

  • And scores of general improvements.

Nov 13, 2016:

  • Include Overdue Tasks with one click when emailing out a note from a transaction.

  • Instantly view the count of messages in a transaction's Email History: This count is shown next to the Email History menu option of the transaction so pipeliners don't have to open that page to find out how many emails are in there.

  • Login History: Pipeline now logs each individual successful login for a user.  This will allow us to offer usage insights/reports to admins. Currently this is going to be used in the Monthly Activity Report mentioned above.

  • And dozens of general improvements.

Sep 6, 2016:

  • Bulk select permission categories when assigning or uploading docs: Now when you are bulk assigning or uploading docs to a transaction, the first permission category you select will be automatically applied to the remaining docs. You can still adjust individual docs' permission categories if needed. Learn how this works here >>

  • Highlight a user's tasks using @name and @role: Now you can @mention a user by last name, or a group of users by their role name within a task. This will cause that task to be highlighted for those users. Learn how this works here >>

  • Admins can now share their email templates with other admins: Admins can mark any of their saved email templates as "shared". This will cause other admin staff to be able to use those templates. Learn more here >>

  • Download agents' contact info via v-card directly into your email software.

  • View contact update activity in the transaction's history.

  • And some bug-fixes as well as numerous minor improvements.

June 14, 2016:

  • Working Docs renamed to Unassigned Docs: The Working Docs section has been renamed to Unassigned Docs. This is to make the purpose of that section clearer to new users (it's much easier to explain to agents and admins that docs that are waiting to be assigned to transactions are held under the Unassigned section.)

  • Automatically apply checklists to Dual-Sided transactions: If you have special checklists that need to be applied to transactions where your brokerage represents both sides, now you can automatically assign such checklists. Previously, you could assign by Listing side or Selling side but not by Dual-sides.

  • Numerous small improvements and fixes.

May 15, 2016:

  • Email transaction coversheets directly: Previously, you needed to download a transaction coversheet and send it out using your own email software. Now you can directly email it out from the system by checking the box "Attach this transaction's coversheet" at the bottom of the Notes dialog box. When attached this way, the coversheet will not include the Contacts for the transaction (because we realize that you rarely want to give out your contact list to external parties). If you need to send the full coversheet with contacts, download the full coversheet to your PC and send it out using your email software.

  • Mark agents' assistants: When adding or updating agents on a transaction, you can now click the "make assistant" button next to a selected agent to label those users as assistants. If you are a user of Pipeline's Reporting & Commissions add-on, marking a user as an assistant on a transaction means that they won't show up in the CDA generation process nor on any commission reports related to that transaction.

Apr 13, 2016:
  • Control whether agents can close transactions: There's a new company-wide setting called "Allow agents to change transaction status to closed, terminated, and expired". Hover over the setting to learn how it works.

  • Add notes to transaction contacts: Now you can add a short note to a transaction's contact. The note allows you to make a special comment pertaining to that contact for that specific transaction. For example, if you add a referrer as a contact, you can mention the referral commission percentage and other details in that contact's note.

Mar 6, 2016:

  • Printable transaction coversheet: In the main info section of the transaction, there's now a "coversheet" button on the right hand side. Clicking it will generate a coversheet/summary of the transaction, its agents, and its contacts in the form of a PDF. The PDF will open in your browser. Note: The Contacts section always starts on a separate page.

  • Search unreviewed documents: There's now a quick-search-by-doc-name option on unreviewed docs.

  • This release also contains several minor improvements and fixes.

Feb 14, 2016:

  • Illuminate tasks matching uploaded docs: Now when docs are uploaded or assigned to a transaction, tasks that match those doc names will be highlighted for your convenience.
  • Download vCards for contacts: Transaction contacts have a vCard icon. Click it to download a contact's vCard which you can then import into Outlook or other contact management software.
  • View pre-close, pre-expiry, and auto-expiry notifications in transaction history: These notification emails are now mentioned in your notes and transaction history so that admins can easily tell which agents were notified.
  • See closed sides and other stats in monthly activity summary email: We have added a lot of interesting stats in the activity summary that we email you at the start of each month.
  • This release also contains several minor improvements and fixes.

Jan 31, 2016:

  • Manage brokerage's and agents' license numbers: When adding or editing a user, you can update the user's license number. If you are a master admin, you can update your own license number in your Personal Profile. A master admin can also update the company's brokerage license number on the Admin/Settings page. These license numbers are displayed in the footer of every Pipeline page so users can quickly reference it.
  • The location of listing date on the add/edit transaction page has changed: The listing date is now shown just above the expiration date when you are adding or editing a transaction. Previously it was shown near the closing date causing some users to inadvertently enter the close date in the listing date field.
  • This release also contains several minor improvements and fixes.

Oct 24, 2015:

  • Provide a default value for the More Info field: Want to teach your agents (and staff) to follow guidelines on the data they need to enter in the More Info field of their transactions? Now, you can set a default/template value for that field. For example, if you need them to fill in Buyer and Seller sources and lock-box codes, you could set a default value of:
Buyer Source: ___________
Seller Source: ___________
Lock Box: _______________
  • Copy over contacts to New Offer: Now when you use the New Offer feature to create a new transaction from an existing one, all contacts will be copied over so you don't have to re-enter them.
  • Filter unreviewed and unentered docs by their label: There's a new option in unreviewed/unentered docs that lets you filter those docs by a specific label. And as before, you can also sort those docs by their label.
  • Disable automatic expiration of listings: If your office uses its own process to manually handle listings that are past their expiration date, you can now disable Pipeline's automatic expiration feature. Most offices will want to keep this feature turned on (it's been working great for 99.9% of the offices that use the system).
  • Ability for agents to add commission notes to their transactions: Agents can now add a commission note to their transactions in Active, Listing or Pending statuses. If a commission note already exists, agents can't overwrite it (only admins can).
  • Ability for master admins to delete received emails on transactions: If you have mistakenly sent an email to the wrong transaction, you can now ask your master admin to delete that email. Your master admin can also delete the corresponding note on the transaction. All such deletions are logged in the Transaction's History for audit-trailing.

Sep 6, 2015:

  • Sort transaction docs by label name: You can now sort a transaction's docs by their label name.
  • Sort users by last name or location name: Admins can now sort users from the Manage Users page. Click the Name or Location column to sort by that column. The name sort orders the agents by their last name but shows them as first name followed by last name.
  • Email reference docs to any user: When emailing out reference docs, the system will now suggest all active users from your company that match what you start typing in the email address field.
  • Share transaction contacts conveniently via notes: You can now drag and drop a transaction's contacts or agents right into the Note's body. The system will format them nicely for you, all ready to email out.

Aug 23, 2015:

  • Receive email notification when agent assigns document: Admins can now be notified by email whenever an agent adds a document to a transaction. To turn this setting on, go to your profile, and check the box for the setting called: Receive notification when agent assigns document.

  • Automatic discovery of transaction sides: The system will now automatically detect whether a transaction is on Listing Side, Buying Side, or both. This is detected based on the side to which the agents of the transaction are associated. Learn more about Sides here →

  • Use transaction side in auto-assigned checklists: When defining auto-assignment of checklist templates to transactions, you can now choose the transaction side as one of the rules along with transaction label and transaction status.

Jul 7, 2015:

  • Listing Date on Transactions: You can now add a listing date on transactions. And relative due dates on checklist tasks may now be based on listing dates as well.
  • Agents can change transaction labels: Agents can now add labels to the transactions on the Edit Transaction page provided that there's no existing label on the transaction and the transaction is in either an Active status or a Listing status. Previously, agents were not allowed to add a label on the Edit Transaction page.
  • Improved editing of document names: The inline editing of document names has undergone several fixes to make it work better.

Jun 28, 2015:

  • Merging docs just got easier: Now you can merge docs with fewer clicks right from the Transaction page.
  • Search by Transaction Creator: Search transactions by creator name by using the new search operator (example: creator: Jane Smith).
  • Smart linking of checklist tasks to documents: If you have checklist auto-scrolling turned on, opening a document's preview will position the checklist to the first task that matches that previewed doc's name.
  • Smarter previews during Break Apart: When you type in a page number on the break-apart page, the document preview will automatically be advanced to that page.
  • Better feedback from on-page data operations: When you check docs as reviewed, rename transaction docs, or perform any other on-page operations, a prominent, red "Saving..." box will be shown on the top right corner. When the box disappears, you can rest assured that your changes were duly saved.
  • And scores of little bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 11, 2015:

For a detailed intro to this release (including videos), check out this blog post  →
  • Label transactions to identify them easily
  • Auto-assign checklists based on transaction status
  • Save and reuse frequently needed messages
  • Standardize document names across all transactions
  • Label documents to aid with your workflow
  • Be more mobile with redesigned interface that works great on tablets and phones
  • Improved Navigation
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices and Touch Screens
And a boatload of new stuff:
  • New Reports Section
  • Sorting for Unreviewed / Unentered Docs
  • Billing History Page
  • Export Contacts as a Spreadsheet
  • Bulk Assignment of Working Doc Labels
  • Account Usage Reports
  • Zip Code Support
  • Email Co-Op/Outside Agents
  • Carry Over Checklists to New Offers
  • Custom Help for Transaction Page
  • Search Working Docs
  • Sorting & Searching on Tasks Page
  • Add Contacts, Merge Docs, and Upload Doc options have a better home
  • Transaction Checklist Collapses When all Tasks are Complete
  • Colorful themes
  • Redisplay alerts after they’re auto-hidden
For a detailed intro to this release (including videos), check out this blog post  →

Aug 23, 2014: 

  • Incomplete and completed tasks emailed in Notes are now shown to agents in the transaction's Notes section provided that the transaction does not use task assignment i.e. the transaction only contains tasks open to anyone. Previously, only admins could see tasks in the Notes section. So if your office doesn't use the Task Assignment (Task Visibility) feature, the system will show all tasks emailed via notes in the Notes section.
  • The "visible to" attribute of tasks emailed via notes is no longer shown in the Notes section. This is to eliminate confusion for agents.

Aug 15, 2014: 

  • Transaction creators are no longer allowed to view a transaction unless they are marked as a agents on that transaction (or have admin permissions). Previously, transaction creators could see their transactions even if they were later removed as agents.
  • Emailed documents now expire in 30 days. Previously, they expired in 7 days.

Apr 28, 2014: 

  • Assign tasks to users
  • Improved relative dates on tasks: trigger relative dates based on checklist addition date, transaction expiry date. Define relative dates based on your business holidays (previously, you could only use calendar days).
  • Download a transaction on demandHand off closed transactions to agents without waiting for monthly backups.
  • Batch import listings from other systems
  • Import dropbox docs into Working Docs: Assign dropbox docs to transactions with a couple extra clicks. Great for iOS and other mobile users.
  • Store website links within Office Docs: Let agents and admins access all your intranet and internet services from one place.
  • Add color-coded custom labels to working docs: Distribute working doc assignment responsibilities across multiple admins.
  • Send multiple Transaction Docs or Office Docs to DocuSign easily: Organize multiple docs under the same DocuSign envelope.
  • Define a primary admin for each location. Auto-generated emails will be sent *from* the location admin.
  • Rerun your most recent 5 searches with one click.
  • Receive daily emails with updates to transactions and working docs.
  • Admins: reset passwords for your users.
  • Download last calendar year's transaction spreadsheet. Previously, you could download only the current year's spreadsheet and a spreadsheet of all your transactions.
  • Download checklist templates as spreadsheets for offline work.
  • Comments on transaction documents are now recorded in the Notes area.
  • See transaction's agents on the Tasks page.
  • Collapse or expand the Contacts section of a transaction.
  • Control whether active transactions are included in your monthly backups or not.
  • New "Save" button at the top of the Edit Transaction form.
  • More sorting options on Working Docs page.
  • Plus dozens of more enhancements. Check them out here →

Dec 22, 2013: 

  • Disable New Offer feature: if you don't want your agents & admins using this feature, you can disable it for your company. Go to the Admin page and check off "Enable New Offer". The feature may be switched on again at any time.
  • DocuSign improvements: The "Send Documents to DocuSign" feature now handles more types of PDFs. So if you previously had problems sending your docs from Pipeline to DocuSign, try them again and they should work.

Dec 15, 2013: Happy Holidays!

  • Email Office Docs
  • More transaction sorting options: to help you quickly find newly added, updated, and accepted transactions.
  • Improved doc-comments workflow: Alert agents by email whenever you (the admin) comment on their documents.
  • See all comments on docs in Transaction History
  • View agents' phone and fax numbers in their transactions. Agents can update this contact info in their own profile.
  • Customize your signature on emails you send out from the system.
  • Manage your company's stored break apart templates in the Admin area
  • Quickly view the names of agents who will have access to docs you are assigning to transactions. When you are categorizing a doc (during assignment), hover over the new people icons to see who will have access to that doc.
  • When there's Video Help available for a page, your users will now see a little video icon at the top right corner. 
  • Ability to fix the position of checklists for when you have lots of them on a transaction. The checklists stay put while you scroll the transaction page. We know only power users like this feature so it's off by default and can be turned on or off easily by clicking the little double-arrow icon to the left of Checklists.
  • When adding or editing a user, hover over any permission to learn its purpose and see whether it's suitable for agents. This will help you avoid giving admin-level data access to agents by mistake with improved explanation for each permission.
  • And stockings full of other improvements to help you and your agents be more efficient.

Oct 23, 2013:

  • DocuSign integration: easily exchange docs between Pipeline and your DocuSign account.
  • Better contact management: Pipeline now remembers past contacts on your transactions, making it easy to reuse them.
  • Better emails: Pipeline now remembers your past email recipients so you can reuse them.
  • Agents can now create New Offers on their own transactions
  • Show or Hide doc comments on transactions. And Pipeline will remember your preference.
  • New company field for your contacts.
  • Ability to exclude Notes from being copied to a New Offer
  • Sort Unreviewed Docs by name or assigned-on date
  • Better email-docs interface on transaction
  • Ability to delete auto-suggested doc names during upload of docs to transactions

Aug 25, 2013:

  • Checklists can have automatically calculated due dates based on close date, acceptance date, and transaction creation date.
  • Transaction Docs are sortable by various columns.
  • Optional Information (buyer, seller, pricing, etc.) is expanded by default. When you expand/collapse it manually, your preference is remembered.
  • Your agents can break apart or merge their own docs in a transaction. They won't be able to delete the original docs if those have been reviewed.
  • When directly uploading docs to a transaction, your recently used names will be remembered and suggested back.
  • Transaction lists across the app have an info icon. Hovering over it shows quick information about the transaction.
  • When hovering over the agent icon, you can see which side of the transaction they are on.
  • On the left-hand-side panel's "Recently Created" transaction list, you can see the creation date of the transaction.
  • The agent selection area during transaction creation and update shows permission-related help.
  • When adding a checklist template to a transaction, the template list is immediately expanded, saving you an extra click.
  • When any task on a transaction's checklist is updated, the task is highlighted in yellow to confirm that we have saved it successfully.

July 1, 2013:

  • Agents can now edit buyer/seller and pricing info on their transactions.
  • Unreviewed and Unentered docs can now be filtered by transaction status.
  • Emailed notes and daily tasks now have better formatting.

June 17, 2013:

  • Changes to any field of a transaction are now shown in the transaction history page.
  • On the transactions page, you can now filter by status category in addition to filtering by individual statuses. For example, you can filter by all transactions in any Closed status.
  • Office docs can now be reordered within their categories by dragging and dropping them into a new location.
  • Office docs can now be edited inline. No need to leave the page to rename or re-categorize an office doc.
  • Doc previews can now be zoomed in or out. And your zoom preference will be remembered by the system.
  • The expanded or collapsed states of various sections of the Dashboard will now be remembered on your next visit. Collapsing sections you don't usually use will also load your Dashboard faster.
  • The printed version of transactions is now better organized and looks prettier.
  • All emails going out of the system are now formatted for better readability.
  • We have made all icons sharper on high resolution monitors such as retina displays.
  • Document break-apart templates are now organized by location instead of being shown in one long list.
  • We have made Pipeline more compatible with mobile screens.
  • We have drastically reduced the size of Pipeline's Javascript and CSS code that runs in your browser -- pages should load faster now.

May 5, 2013:

  • New Acceptance Date field on transactions
  • Search for users on the Manage Users admin page
  • Admins can now change the Admin & Tech Support contact info that appears on users' Dashboard

April 26, 2013:

  • Now you can mark documents as reviewed and entered when uploading them to a transaction
  • When transaction doc uploads finish, you will now be taken straight to the transaction
  • Admins can now unassign docs directly from the doc's Actions menu

Apr 18, 2013:

  • Custom transaction statuses: create your own transaction statuses matching your office's exact needs
  • Improved doc uploads w/ drag-and-drop support
  • Bulk upload docs directly into transactions
  • Faster and easier inline editing of a transaction's docs
  • Search operators: give you the ability to search within exactly the fields you are interested in
  • Show or hide all doc comments w/ one click on Working and Unreviewed Docs
  • Document statuses have been removed.
  • More details on our blog here →

Mar 27, 2013:

  • Receive daily email with upcoming tasks. More details on our blog here →
  • Sync tasks with Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar
  • New permission to allow agents to add checklists to their transactions
  • See top upcoming tasks on Dashboard

Feb 24, 2013:

  • Better agent selection when creating or editing transactions. More details on our blog here →
  • Ability to re-order checklists within transactions
  • Ability to duplicate checklist templates
  • "More Info" field is now included in transaction downloads
  • New profile setting to disable live help

Jan 30, 2013:

  • Checklist due dates
  • New Tasks page
  • Drag and drop sorting of checklist tasks
  • Drag and drop sorting of checklist templates
  • More detailed history of checklist actions

This release also features these improvements:

  • New "More Info" field on transactions: use it to manage information about your transactions not covered by other fields (escrow, referrals, etc.) 
  • Rename a checklist within a transaction.
  • When adding a checklist to a transaction, that office location's checklist templates are now shown first (followed by templates from other locations)

Jan 6, 2013:

  • We no longer support Internet Explorer 7. More details on our blog here →
  • Page count of docs: hovering over a PDF file's icon now also shows the number of pages in that doc.
  • Original uploader of docs: all docs assigned from now on will get a new "Originally uploaded by" info on hovering over their icons. Previously, only the assigner and reviewer info was shown.

Oct 9, 2012:

  • Office doc previews: The office docs page now has the same previews you love on working and transaction docs. 
  • More statuses archived in Transactions list: Leased, Expired/Withdrawn, and Rejected statuses are now excluded from the Transactions list by default. Click "view all" to see them.

Sep 16, 2012:

  • Preview improvements: when hovering over a doc, you will now see an arrow icon. Clicking the arrow conveniently opens the preview in a new window. For the power users, shift-clicking does the same thing. And alt-click opens the original doc instead of the preview.
  • Performance updates: we have nearly doubled our server capacity to keep Pipeline working blazing fast for you.

    Learn more about these updates on our blog →

Sep 2, 2012:

  • New previews! They are iPad-friendly, dual-monitor friendly, more legible, easier to use, and they no longer require Flash. More details on our blog here →
  • Better break-apart: Now you can change categories and statuses of docs right when you are breaking them apart.
  • More Transaction history: See who broke apart or deleted a document.
  • Improved handling of really old PDFs: The PDF Fixer now handles prehistoric PDF versions (as far back as versions from 1995) much better. But if your scanner generates these old versions, we highly recommend upgrading the scanner and your scanning software.

Jul 1, 2012:

  • Your transaction quota is now counted from your last billing date rather than from the 1st day of the calendar month. More details on our blog here →
  • You can now upgrade or downgrade your account without re-entering your credit card info
  • The Dashboard now loads faster

May 22, 2012:

  • Automatic fixing of corrupted PDFs so that rotate, merge and break-apart functions work on most docs. More details on our blog here →
  • Speed improvements
  • Billing frequency changed to once a month from every 30 days
  • Buyer docs are excluded from New Offer feature. Previously, only Sale Docs were excluded.
  • Disallow users without "delete docs" permission to see the delete option on break-apart and merge pages
  • Show agents section collapsed when editing transactions. Previously, it was shown expanded.
  • Recruiting feature is now completely free. Previously, after a month of free trial we planned to charge for its use

Feb 28, 2012

  • New "Terminated" transaction status if your offices uses that term instead of "Deal Fell Through". Terminated transactions are also included in monthly backups.
  • Monthly backups now include checklists and basic fields of a transaction (name, mls, agent names, pricing info, etc.)
  • The use of MLS ID has been replaced with MLS # across the system

Feb 26, 2012

  • Group checklist items by checklist names in emails sent 3 days before closing and emailed notes

Jan 6, 2012

  • Filter your Working Docs by location

Jan 3, 2012

  • New Design!
  • Easily assign multiple Working Docs to a transaction from one page
  • Edit transaction's Contacts (previously you could only add and delete)
  • Comment on any docs
  • In-app help
  • Agents can delete their own assigned docs from a transaction as long as those docs are not yet reviewed
  • Use Advanced Search and Filters during doc assignment (previously, only quick search was available)
  • Merge any number of docs
  • Admins can update their Company Name
  • Agents with assign permissions can now merge their own unreviewed docs in a transaction
  • Agents can comment on their own Working and Transaction Docs (previously, only staff could comment on docs)
  • Unreviewed page now shows Transaction Status and Agents (previously, it showed Doc Status)
  • Turn off duplicate-document detection for your agents
  • Agents without assign permission can now upload docs to a transaction (Docs are kept in Working Docs with a blue assign button associated with that transaction for easy assignment.)

View past updates →